Complete Junsado Empty Hand Skills Video App

We are pleased to announce that the Junsado Empty Hand Skills Video App is available now. The Junsado App presents over 100 tactics and strategies of realistic unarmed combat. Former special agent Sang H. Kim demonstrates each technique at walk through and full speed then shows you how to effectively apply it against an opponent.


Junsado Combat Art in App

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Junsado Fundamentals and FightingBegin with the fundamentals of unarmed fighting including: stance, open and closed hand strikes, elbow strikes, low kicks, knee strikes, takedowns, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder locks and ground fighting principles in the Junsado Fundamentals video ($1.99).

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, learn the skills to neutralize an opponent in standing confrontations including no-nonsense defenses against tackles, standing head locks, standing chokes, punches, grabs, low kicks, sweeps and a variety of strikes in the Junsado Standing Combat video ($3.99).

In the Junsado Ground Combat video ($2.99), you’ll learn quick effective escapes from common attacks on the ground including head locks, pins, chokes and striking attacks by a standing opponent. Counter throws, locks & pins with principles like triangular force frames and coupling force.

Together, the Ground and Standing Combat videos contain nearly 70 scenarios that take you through a wide range of possible attack and defense situations.

The ultimate in subdue and control locks, the wrist lock gives you total control over your attacker without causing Junsado wrist lockspermanent damage. Wrist Locks ($3.99) is a detailed look at how to make the wrist lock work for you in a wide variety of situations. Sang H. Kim begins with the basic “gooseneck” wrist lock and shows you how it can be used in come alongs, restraints and takedowns. Discover a wealth of locking principles including how to create maximum effect with minimum use of force, use of pressure points to obtain compliance, how to reverse grappling momentum and principles of close combat and controlling locks.

In Arresting Locks ($3.99), Sang H. Kim teaches you how to use the principles of primary and secondary response to stop an attacker armed with a blunt weapon and take control of the weapon. Each technique is finished off with a lock, takedown or pin to give you control over the attacker. Defenses can be applied to both empty hand and armed attacks.

Junsado Weapon App will be released soon as well. Thank you for your support and practice of Junsado!

Junsado Ground Kicks

Ground kicks are versatile weapons in a fight. Especially in an unexpected and unintended situation like falling or sitting. Unexpected as it is, the situation may work against you, but switching the view other way around, you can change the odds. So be the cause of the unexpected change.

Junsado Ground Kicks

To increase your ground fighting skills, diversify your ground kicks by mixing front, side, and hook kicks aimed at multiple targets such as the ankle, shin, kneecap, groin, and rear knee joint.

Ground kicks are used to keep the standing opponent at bay, to attack the body parts that are most essential for mobility, to diminish his access to you by injuring his joints, or to end a fight by powerfully kicking a fallen opponent. Below are three essential Junsado ground kicks that are easily adaptable to various fighting situations.

1. Ground Front Kick

Junsado Ground Front Kick

Junsado Ground Front Kick is versatile weapon to attack the groin, stomach, face, and other body parts that are essential for mobility.

Function: Use a ground front kick to keep a standing opponent at bay when you are on the ground.

Method: Plant your hands on the floor on both sides of your hips. Bend your supporting knee and stretch your kicking leg half-way out toward the opponent’s knee. For repeated kicks, keep your hips off the ground while moving around, like a crab, to adjust your body position according to his movement.

Major Targets: shin, kneecap, thigh, groin

Key Points: It is not wise to stay on the ground in any fight, except perhaps in a sport fighting tournament that has rules and a referee. In reality, you should get up as quickly as you can and keep yourself mobile. Run away as early as possible in the fight, especially if there are multiple attackers. However, if fighting from the ground becomes inevitable, you should know how to survive. The first goal is to damage the lower limbs of the attacker while assessing your exit strategy. Be like a little animal that would bite anyone who comes near. The secondary goal is to take him down and then get up to run away.

2. Ground Side Kick

Junsado Ground Side Kick

Junsado Ground Side Kick is a good skill to stop an incoming opponent or to strike the neck and head of a fallen opponent.

Function: Use the ground side kick to stop a standing opponent from approaching you on the ground.

Method: Put both hands on the ground on the opposite side as your kicking leg, kneel on the supporting leg, turning your body sideways, and kick to the side with the blade or the bottom of your foot.

Major Targets: kneecap, shin, thigh, head

Key Points: Use the wide blade and the bottom of your foot as a weapon by turning it horizontally to push at the opponent’s vertically standing legs. Or kick the torso or head of a fallen opponent to prevent him from engaging in grappling with you. Adjust your body position as the situation evolves to accomplish three goals: keep him at bay, inflict pain, and run away.

3. Ground Hook Kick

Junsado Ground Hook Kick

Junsado Ground Hook Kick is highly effective in pinpointed striking at the groin and knee joint.

Function: Use the ground hook kick to take down or knock down a standing opponent from the ground.

Method: Put both hands on the ground on the opposite side of your kicking leg. Kneel on the supporting leg, turning your body sideways. Chamber your upper leg and kick with the instep at the opponent’s groin or rear knee.

Major Targets: rear knee, groin

Key Points: The ground hook kick is less effective for keeping an opponent at bay but highly effective in pinpointed striking at the groin and knee joint. It is also a good choice for striking the neck and head (of a fallen opponent). To increase your success rate, diversify your ground kicks by mixing front, side, and hook kicks aimed at multiple targets such as the ankle, shin, kneecap, groin, and rear knee joint. Once you have inflicted serious pain or damage on a particular vital area, for example the calf, then focus your attack on that area to take the opponent down. If he blocks, attack elsewhere, then resume attacking that same spot with renewed intensity.

This article is an excerpt from Junsado Fundamentals, Standing and Ground Combat.

Junsado Fundamentals, Standing and Ground Combat ($5.99, over 650 full color photos) is available exclusively in e-book format for Kindle (