Junsado Books

The following books by Sang H. Kim complement Junsado training.

Junsado Fundamentals, Standing and Ground Combat

000_JSD book coverx500This is the official Junsado textbook, written by founder Sang H. Kim. In this concise reference book with over 650 full-color photos and detailed instructions, you will learn how to neutralize and destroy your opponent in standing and ground confrontations, including realistic, no-nonsense strategies against tackles, head locks, chokes, arm locks, punches, grabs, low kicks, sweeps, throws, pins and a variety of strikes. Over 50 standing and ground combat scenarios take you through a wide range of possible attack and defense situations to improve your fighter’s instinct. In addition to demonstrating a practical defensive strategy, each scenario illustrates a key Junsado principle in action, building your ability to apply fighting principles across a wide range of situations. Also included is a complete reference to the fundamental skills of Junsado, including: stance, open and closed hand strikes, elbow strikes, low kicks, knee strikes, takedowns, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder locks and ground fighting skills. This book will help you hone your fundamental fighting skills, give you a framework for developing your fighting strengths, and reveal core principles that can be applied in the ring or on the street. Available exclusively in e-book format at $5.99.  Buy at Amazon.com: Kindle

Vital Point Strikes

VPSVital Point Strikes is a guide to pressure point striking for the average martial artist. Sang H. Kim demystifies the lore of vital point striking and shows you realistic applications of vital point strikes for self-defense and combat sports. For those new to the concept of vital points, he begins by examining the Eastern theory of acupoints, meridians and ki (qi) and the Western scientific concepts of the nervous and circulatory systems, pain threshold and pain tolerance, and the relationship between pain and fear. Based on this introduction, you’ll learn about 202 vital points for use in fighting including the name, point number, location, involved nerves and blood vessels, applicable techniques, sample applications, and potential results for each point. Buy at Amazon.com: HardcoverPaperback | Kindle

Combat Strategy: Junsado, The Way of The Warrior

book-csbCombat Strategy is a one stop reference for the tactics & strategies of realistic unarmed combat and self-defense. Regardless of style, this book is considered the authority on fighting strategy by some of the top martial artists in the world. Learn the keys to mastery including: distance control and range fighting • direct attack, initiative attack, indirect attack and counterattack • mental conditioning • footwork • feinting and concealing • adaptation • combat rhythm and timing • coupling force and circular force • psyching-up • tactics and defensive principles. Sang H. Kim wrote this manual for training his security team and published in English in 1993 under his pen name of Hanho. Buy at Amazon.com: Paperback | Kindle

Ultimate Fitness Through Martial Arts

UFTMAThis is a one-stop reference for martial arts students, instructors and coaches that includes over 200 new and traditional martial arts exercises, games and drills for developing speed, power, flexibility, timing, co-ordination, agility, balance, and mental strength. It includes: variations for individuals, partners and groups; detailed explanations of fitness concepts; Injury prevention; diet and nutrition; beginner, intermediate and black belt workout plans; exercise cautions; Martial arts applications for all exercises; and, instructor guidelines. Buy at Amazon.com: Paperback | Kindle

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