Core Concept of Junsado

Effectiveness and survival are the essence of Junsado.

There are no schools, no rank and no certification in Junsado.

The only school is your reality.

The only rank you get is your ability to deal with that reality.

The only certificate is your survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions.

What is Junsado?

Junsado is the way of combat expert. Junsado techniques are grounded in the principles of change: changes in you, changes in your opponent and changes in the environment are all considered in Junsado strategy. It is a living art that evolves and adapts to the individual fighter and environment. Junsado is the system of no system that is necessary to meet the challenges of combat. No system includes every way: freethinking and bound by no limit. Once being bound by style, one thinks in narrow ways missing the true way. Favoring one system is as dangerous as not knowing any system at all. One must not favor any style, weapon, nature of self, but be free to think and walk the way of no way. Ultimately you should not be a molded product but be the handler of you that is only guided by your will that is free from the rules of this and that. That is what Junsado stands for.

Can I be certified in Junsado?

There are no ranks or certication in Junsado.

Where can I find a Junsado school?

Junsado is a self-training method. There are no certified instructors.

Does Sang H. Kim give seminars? Can I train with him at his school?

Master Kim is retired from teaching. He continues to develop Junsado skills.

What is the difference between Junsado and other martial arts styles?

Junsado is not a style, it is a way of seeing and resolving conflict.