What others are saying: unbiased reviews of Junsado videos, DVDs and books

Junsado Fundamentals, Standing and Ground Combat video

“Not only is this DVD an outstanding study in Junsado, but in self-defense techniques in general. By providing a number of basic moves with their application in the beginning, Master Kim establishes a solid foundation from which the remainder of the presentation builds. I immediately started to include a number of the fundamental techniques into the drills we currently perform in class.The way Master Kim shows the standing and ground combat principles was clear and easy-to-follow. Each technique is shown from initiation to a finishing move. While each scenario has a smooth flow, the moves progress in intensity in a way that can be stopped at the point where the situation has been neutralized. Whether you are using the DVD for self-study, review, or to augment the training materials of your own style, this is definitely a good investment.”

~ Chris Willman from New Jersey

Wrist & Arresting Locks video

“This is exactly what I was looking for. Hanho shows some awesome wrist locks with great explaination. The DVD was a success because I watched it with a partner and followed along. I converted many of them into one-step sparring techniques that look pretty sharp. I am very pleased with this DVD and this martial arts site. Remember not to use your pointer finger when doing your wrist locks as Hanho will explain further.”

~ C. Jason Jacobs from Ohio

Vital Point Strikes book

“Based on over 30 years experience in the martial arts and in-depth research, Master Sang H. Kim has created one of the most complete books available on the art and science of vital point striking.”

~ MASuccess Magazine

Knife Defense videos

“I have read many books and viewed many tapes on knife fighting/defense over the past years and the one I bought by master Hanho is unequalled! In fact I have just ordered online the other two in the series for use in our Goju dojo and I want to thank you and master Hanho for providing such quality instruction! The moves are very similar to those we have developed through constant independent research and practice, they exhibit excellent flow patterns and are extremely functional, reliable techniques.”

~Dave Decker

Joongbong Fundamentals video

“Master Kim has put together an excellent tool to learn the Joong Bong. His instruction is easy to follow and direct to the point.Master Kim not only provides combat applications but also teaches the Korean terminology and striking points. Great tool. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in learning stick fighting techniques.”

~ Don Hylton

Combat Strategy book

“The author is extremely knowledgeable about the subject material and it is a no nonsense book that gets right to the heart of strategy.”

~ A. Pederson

Joongbong Fundamentals video

“The striking patterns are direct and powerful, striped of any excessive movements, as is the footwork. It’s pure economical action.”

~Filipino Martial Arts Magazine

Junsado videos

“The Junsado DVD series is the best on the market with regards to practical combat skills and strategies.”

~ Lance Zein

Jangbong Fundamentals

“Very helpful, straight-forward and packed with immediately useful tips and techniques for long-stick weapons work.”

~ Tom Perkes

Ultimate Fitness through Martial Arts book

“No matter what your style or even if you’re just trying to get in shape to join a school, you’ll find something to learn and to explore. A definite A.”

~ Action Martial Arts Magazine

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